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Adults should no longer have second thoughts about going ahead with braces. With advancements in technology Clear Braces for adults are more accessible than ever.

What is different about adults getting braces?

The actual process of orthodontic treatment is the not significantly different for adults. However, the overall experience of orthodontic treatment is. This experience is something that can hold a lot of people back from going ahead with orthodontic treatment but it advancements in technology should give you comfort in choosing to straighten your teeth. 

Advantages of Braces as an adult

  • Choose the best option for you

  • Go ahead with treatment in your time, when you are ready

  • Make a positive change to your smile that you have always wanted to make

  • Control your finances - Pay upfront or pay on a payment plan

Why do adults get braces?  

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We find that people who want to straighten their teeth as an adult do so for a few main reasons, as follows;

  • They were never given the opportunity to straighten their teeth as a child or teen

  • They become self-aware as an adult and decide orthodontic treatment is needed

  • They had orthodontic treatment as a child or teen and need a touch-up

How Much Do Braces Cost?

Price starts from $2,500 and range up to $8,500 depending on your individual case. Factors affecting cost includes difficulty of the orthodontic case, time required for treatment and the finish you choose.

Payment plans available.

Do most adults choose Invisalign Clear braces?


The short answer is yes. Regardless of the reason for getting them, most adults are put off by the experience of going through the process of orthodontic treatment. 

Straightening your teeth isn't easy. It requires change, adjustment time, extra work and comes with it's fair share of attention from other people. As a result, most adults we treat tend to opt for the easiest option in terms of maintenance and appearance. Invisalign comes with a range of benefits and is a great solution for any adult with these concerns. 

Recent Before & After Pictures

Invisalign Clear Braces VS Metal Braces


Invisalign Clear Braces are almost 100% invisible.


Effectively straigtens teeth just like Metal Braces.


You can take them out when you need to.

No Irritation

The aligner is a clear film shaped to your teeth and does not irritate the mouth or gums.

Easy Maintenance

You can brush and floss like normal.


Eat and drink as you normally do, without restrictions.

Fewer Appointments

Invisalign treatment requires less scheduled visits to the dentist and has a lower rate of emergency appointments from complications or accidents.


The same or cheaper. Plus we have interest free payment plans available.


Our Advantage

We are experienced dentists with a fresh approach to dentistry. We understand that finding the right dentist in Sydney to entrust with orthodontic treatment can be a difficult one. Our team puts our years of extensive experience and love for taking care of people in to creating a positive experience for all of our patients.


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