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Lingual Braces (or Incognito Braces) are attached behind the teeth and are out of sight during orthodontic treatment

Are Lingual Braces Suitable For Me?

Lingual Braces aren't suitable to all patients. For example, if you have a deep overbite we don't recommend Lingual Braces. In this example the overbite may bear too much pressure on the brackets, which means they fall off easily. A thorough examination from our dentists will determine if Lingual Braces are appropriate for your orthodontic case. 

Advantages Of Lingual Braces

  • Rigid support for your teeth during orthodontic treatment

  • Not visible to others

  • Available to teens and adults

What Orthodontic Cases Are Best Suited To Lingual Braces?

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After an initial assessment by our dentists, we look at specific factors that will determine the best possible orthodontic treatment for you.

Determining Factors:

  • Shape of the jaw

  • Speech pattern

  • Size and positioning of the tongue

  • Alignment of the bite

  • Crowding of the teeth

  • Angle of teeth

  • Patient reasons; Aesthetics, Budget, Maintenance.

How Much Do Metal Braces Cost?

Price starts from $4,500 and range up to $12,500 depending on your individual case. Factors affecting cost includes difficulty of the orthodontic case, time required for treatment and the finish you choose.

Payment plans available.

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Lingual Braces FAQ

How long does treatment take?

Treatment generally takes between 16 and 24 months to complete. The combination of our experience with the precision of the latest technology used by us means that you won't have to wait longer than normal to complete your treatment.

How many times do I visit the dentist during treatment?

Every 6 to 8 weeks. Regularly scheduled appointments during Lingual Braces Orthodontic treatment are important to the successful progression of each patient's case. At each appointment our dentists will check the progress of movement inn your teeth, your conndition and make necessary modifications.

Are Lingual Braces uncomfortble or painful?

Right after Lingual Braces are attached to the teeth there is adjustment time needed by the patient. Most patients experience some discomfort during this period as the tongue and mouth adjust. Advancements in precision mean that each bracket is custom made to fit your teeth and reduce the overall impact to your comfort levels. If any patients are anxious about the adjustment period or experiencing pain during treatment, we may recommend Clear Braces Orhtodontic treatment.

Are the results as good as Metal Braces?

Yes. The results achieved from Lingual braces will be no different to results achieved by other Orthodontic treatments, such as Metal Braces.


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We take pride in treating cases for both teens and adults. Our team looks forward to creating a unique experience for each new patients and giving all patients as much information as possible so that they are able to make an informed decision.


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