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How much does Orthodontic treatment cost?


From $2,500
Up to $8,500

Ceramic Braces

From $2,500
Up to $8,500

Metal Braces

From $2,500
Up to $8,500

Lingual Braces

From $4,500
Up to $12,500

Inman Aligners

From $3,500
Up to $4,500


From $2,500
Up to $4,500

Making payment

✔ Health Insurance

We accept all health insurance cards. Please check with your insurer for details of cover available to you.

✔ Payment Types

We accept all eftpos and credit cards for payment.

✔ Payment Plans

Many of our patients opt for an interest free payment plan. Plans are available from our partners at My Smile Plan. For more information on approval, fees and terms visit MySmilePlan.com.au


How is the price determined?

Each of our orthodontic treatments have their base prices which we charge unless additional factors need to be considered.

These are just a few of the factors that help to determine the cost of your orthodontic treatment:

  • Complexity of the case

  • Time required to achieve the desired results

  • Shape of the jaw

  • Alignment of the bite

  • Amount of crowding

  • Angle of the teeth

  • Condition of the teeth, gums and general oral hygiene

  • Aesthetics the patient is comfortable with during treatment

  • Level of maintenance needed during treatment

  • Budget available to the patient


Our Advantage

We are experienced dentists with a fresh approach to dentistry. We understand that finding the right doctor to entrust with orthodontic treatment can be a difficult one. Our team puts our years of extensive experience and love for taking care of people in to creating a positive experience for all of our patients.

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