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Ceramic Braces are a traditional method of teeth straightening using wires and brackets, however the brackets are either colour matched to your teeth or clear

Are Ceramic Braces For Me?

Ceramic Braces are suited to most orthodontic cases. During your initial consultation with our dentists we will discuss with you the options available to your specific case. There are a variety of factors that will help you, and our dentists, determine which treatment method is best for you.

Advantages Of Ceramic Braces

  • Less visible than Metal Braces

  • Less painful to the gums

  • Rigid support for your teeth during orthodontic treatment

  • Available to teens and adults

What Orthodontic Cases Are Best Suited To Ceramic Braces?


After an initial assessment by our dentists, we look at specific factors that will determine the best possible orthodontic treatment for you.

Determining Factors:

  • Shape of the jaw

  • Alignment of the bite

  • Crowding of the teeth

  • Angle of teeth

  • Patient reasons; Aesthetics, Budget, Maintenance.

How Much Do Ceramic Braces Cost?

Price starts from $2,500 and range up to $8,500 depending on your individual case. Factors affecting cost includes difficulty of the orthodontic case, time required for treatment and the finish you choose.

Payment plans available.

Recent Before & After Pictures

Clear Braces VS Metal Braces


The main reason our patients go with Ceramic Braces is for their look. From a distance they're almost invisible, using clear wires and brackets which are either colour matched to your teeth or clear. This less visible option is a very desirable look for adults who have fears of going through orthodontic treatment beyond teenage years.


When it comes to strength and durability, Ceramic Braces are just as strong as your traditional Metal Braces. An extremely strong bonding substance is used to attach the brackets to the teeth, which is the same substance used to attach metal brackets. You can be assured that going ahead with Ceramic Braces Orthodontic treatment is lasting.


Generally speaking, Ceramic Braces are somewhat more comfortable compared to Metal Braces. Metal Braces have a tendency to irritate the gums more that Ceramic Braces. If your mouth and gums are particularly sensitive it is recommended that the patient either chooses a different option or takes extra care during orthodontic treatment.


Ceramic Braces are less bulky and therefore come with less complications during treatment. Chunky, bulky, sticky and crunchy foods should be avoided with Metal Braces however they can be eaten with care and moderation with Ceramic Braces. Another great benefit of Ceramic Braces is that they are stain-proof.


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